Using Easy Connect (EZCONNECT) Naming Method to Connect to Oracle Databases

Easy Connection (EZCONNECT) is a method of connecting to an Oracle database that eliminates the need for service name look up. All of the information needed to resolve the connection is included in the connection […]

Creating an Oracle Listener with Oracle Network Configuration Assistant

In order to allow remote connections to an Oracle database the database must be registered with an Oracle Listener. An Oracle Listener is created during the Oracle Database software installation process if a database was […]

ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

Connectivity errors are common questions on Oracle related forums and in many cases they are highly misunderstood by the poster of the questions and some responders. This aim of this document is to show a […]

Message #### not found when attempting to start the listener, tnsping, or SQL*Plus

Problem When attempting to start the listener you receive the following error. Or you may receive the following when attempting to use tnsping. Or you might have attempted a connection using SQL*Plus and received the […]

Setting up Oracle Net Services Tracing on the Client and Server

Tracing the Oracle Net Services provides detailed information to aid in diagnosing connectivity issues. This document will detail the parameters used in tracing Oracle Net Services along with providing an example of tracing a connection […]

Configure Static Service Information for a Database

The PMON process registers service information with the local listener by default. For most uses this is all that is needed to successfully connect to the database for use. If you are using a database […]