Remove a Database from a RMAN Recovery Catalog

There will come a time that you will need to remove a database from the recovery catalog. Removing a database from the recovery catalog removes all metadata for the database from the catalog.

Registering a Database with a Recovery Catalog

Registering a database with a recovery catalog records the existence of the database with the recovery catalog. Once the database is registered metadata about the database and its backups will be stored in the recovery […]

Creating an RMAN Recovery Catalog

The RMAN Recovery Catalog is a database schema that holds the metadata detailing the RMAN backup operations performed on the target database. The metadata include the following information from about the target database: database structure, […]

Creating a Database using Database Configuration Assistant

Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) provides a graphical interface for database creation and database configuration. This document will detail the creation of a database using the Database Configuration Assistant. The screen shots in this document were […]

Archival Backups RMAN Backups for Long-Term Retention

RMAN has the ability to make an archival backup that is exempt from the configured retention policy. An archival backup is an all inclusive self-contained backup of the database at specific point in time. Archival […]

Backup Duplexing with RMAN

RMAN has the ability to write duplexed backup sets creating up to four identical copies of each backup piece in a backup set to different destinations. Duplexing provides an extra layer of protection against disaster, […]

Creating Image File Copy Backups with RMAN

When using RMAN to back up to disk you have two options in how to write the backups. The default is a backup set which uses unused block compression and is in an RMAN-specific format. […]

User Managed Consistent Database Backup (Cold Backup)

While Recovery Manager (RMAN) is highly recommended for database backup and recovery operations your organization may require you to perform backups using a custom process or you might have an interest in knowing what is […]