Remove a Database from a RMAN Recovery Catalog

There will come a time that you will need to remove a database from the recovery catalog. Removing a database from the recovery catalog removes all metadata for the database from the catalog.

Registering a Database with a Recovery Catalog

Registering a database with a recovery catalog records the existence of the database with the recovery catalog. Once the database is registered metadata about the database and its backups will be stored in the recovery […]

Creating an RMAN Recovery Catalog

The RMAN Recovery Catalog is a database schema that holds the metadata detailing the RMAN backup operations performed on the target database. The metadata include the following information from about the target database: database structure, […]

Archival Backups RMAN Backups for Long-Term Retention

RMAN has the ability to make an archival backup that is exempt from the configured retention policy. An archival backup is an all inclusive self-contained backup of the database at specific point in time. Archival […]

Dropping a Database via RMAN

In Oracle Database 10gR1 Oracle introduced the RMAN command DROP DATABSE. This one simple statement has the ability to completely remove a database including all RMAN backups with the optional INCLUDING BACKUPS clause.

Backup Duplexing with RMAN

RMAN has the ability to write duplexed backup sets creating up to four identical copies of each backup piece in a backup set to different destinations. Duplexing provides an extra layer of protection against disaster, […]

Creating Image File Copy Backups with RMAN

When using RMAN to back up to disk you have two options in how to write the backups. The default is a backup set which uses unused block compression and is in an RMAN-specific format. […]

Quick RMAN configuration for disk based backups

This document will detail a quick set up of RMAN for disk based backups using Oracle Database 11gR2 base.

Restore database to another host using RMAN

This document will detail the steps to restore a database on a new host using RMAN. For this demonstration we will be using Oracle Database 11gR2 on Linux and disk based backup.

Recover from a corrupt or missing control file

This document will detail recovery scenarios dealing with missing or corrupted control files using RMAN disk based backups.

Block Media Recovery with RMAN

This document will detail a block media recovery scenario using a RMAN disk based backup. If you need a document for configuring RMAN see the post Setting up RMAN for backup and recovery using Database […]

Setting up RMAN for backup and recovery using Database Control

Using Database Control you can configure RMAN to back up you database to disk or tape with relative ease. This document will detail how to configure RMAN for disk based backups and perform a backup.