ORA-00354 corrupt redo log block header

I ran in to an issue recently where a database was reporting ORA-00257 archiver error, connect internal only, until freed. However when looking at the system I could not find evidence to support the ORA-00257.

Cloning a VirtualBox VM in VirtualBox 4.1

With Oracle VirtualBox 4.1 cloning a VM is now available from the user interface making the process much simpler. In prior releases cloning a VM was a multi step process in which you needed to […]

Cloning an Oracle Database Home

Starting with Oracle Database 10g you are able to easily clone an existing Oracle Home. Why would you want to be able to do this? For one it is faster to clone an existing Oracle […]

Numerous m000 trace files in which KEWROCISTMTEXEC encountered ORA-12899

While clearing up some space in diag/trace directory, I noticed numerous trace files were being generated by the Memory Monitor slave process (m000). These trace files were being generated at regular intervals.

Creating Shared Drives in Oracle VM VirtualBox

If you would like to experiment with Oracle RAC and ASM/ACFS in your Oracle VirtualBox environments you will need to create drives that can be read and written to by multiple VMs concurrently. VirtualBox 4.0 […]

Cloning a VirtualBox VM

I make frequent use of virtualized environments for testing and proof of concept work. One of the many great features of virtualized environments is that I do not have to start from scratch every time. […]

ORA-04020 When Dropping Materialized View with a Spatial Index

While upgrading our GIS development database from 11gR1 to 11gR2 we found that we were getting deadlocks when dropping materialized views that had spatial indexes. The deadlock always occurred on the first attempt to drop […]

Flashback Data Archive (Oracle Total Recall)

Have you ever had to to perform a tablespace point in time recovery to retrieve data that was erroneously deleted? How many triggers have you had to create/troubleshoot in order to meet data retention or […]

Installing MySQL 5.1 Community Server on Windows

MySQL is the most popular Open Source relational database. As part of the LAMP stack, MySQL is integral in many Open Source projects such Nagios, Bugzilla and WordPress to name a few. Companies such as […]

User Managed Online Backups (Hot Backup)

While Recovery Manager (RMAN) is highly recommended for database backup and recovery operations your organization may require you to perform backups using a custom process or you might have an interest in knowing what is […]

Read–Only Tables in Oracle Database 11g

Prior to Oracle Database 11gR1 in order to create a read only table you had to employ clever uses of triggers, constraints or other methods to prevent the data from being changed. In many of […]

Remove a Database from a RMAN Recovery Catalog

There will come a time that you will need to remove a database from the recovery catalog. Removing a database from the recovery catalog removes all metadata for the database from the catalog.

Automating Database Startup/Shutdown on Oracle Enterprise Linux

Oracle provides the ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart and ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbshut scripts that can be used to start the the databases when the Operating System boots and to stop the databases when shutting down the Operating System.

Adding Java Libraries to Netbeans 6.9

Netbean 6.9 ships with many Java libraries such as Ant, Hibernate and Junit just to mention a few. Undoubtedly There will be libraries that you need for your projects that are not included with the […]

Registering a Database with a Recovery Catalog

Registering a database with a recovery catalog records the existence of the database with the recovery catalog. Once the database is registered metadata about the database and its backups will be stored in the recovery […]

Creating an RMAN Recovery Catalog

The RMAN Recovery Catalog is a database schema that holds the metadata detailing the RMAN backup operations performed on the target database. The metadata include the following information from about the target database: database structure, […]

Creating a Database using Database Configuration Assistant

Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) provides a graphical interface for database creation and database configuration. This document will detail the creation of a database using the Database Configuration Assistant. The screen shots in this document were […]

Archival Backups RMAN Backups for Long-Term Retention

RMAN has the ability to make an archival backup that is exempt from the configured retention policy. An archival backup is an all inclusive self-contained backup of the database at specific point in time. Archival […]

Dropping a Database via RMAN

In Oracle Database 10gR1 Oracle introduced the RMAN command DROP DATABSE. This one simple statement has the ability to completely remove a database including all RMAN backups with the optional INCLUDING BACKUPS clause.